Aspiring Artist Paper Control

Have a little artist who is quite prolific in “masterpieces”?  Paper was taking over my house for too long!  Forgotten projects, barely used paper, even clean paper that just got shuffled in with the used!  Creating this system has helped me take back my sanity while letting my little Picasso enjoy her craft and save the really good stuff.

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  1. Marie Shurtliff
    Marie Shurtliff says:

    This is soooo what I need! Do you give them a paper “allowance” as well? My kids seem to go through stacks of paper!

    • Debi Tonks
      Debi Tonks says:

      Good question 🙂 I keep the paper in my bedroom (which they’re not allowed to enter without permission), so they have to ask permission for any paper they use. This may sound extreme, but I rarely say now. It’s really just a quick middle step that helps them think, “Do I really need more paper right now?” My first question is typically, “Did you check the paper sorter?” Because there is often a paper or two that is not used, and that also gets them into the sorter to remember other projects they still want to finish. If there isn’t a project they want to do or any clean paper, then I let them get a few sheets from my room. I don’t typically let them have more than a few unless they can tell me what the project is, which also helps them plan ahead better.


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