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Conquering the Stinky House, Part…the rest

New idea

Well then!  What an adventure I’ve been having with this stinky house.

Remember that game plan I ended with in the last post?  It didn’t happen.

Why? We ran out of money.

Pure and simple.

It could happen to anyone.  And it does!

So, what I realized is that it’s sometimes nice to know you’re not alone.  Which is why I’ve decided that I’m going to document our crazy house journey in fuller detail.

From now on, I’ll be doing a weekly update on the progression of our house.  Our old, stinky, mice-in-the-attic, fixing-on-a-shoe-string-budget, but-still-perfect-for-us house.  What can be more real-life than that?

This isn’t going to be a “How To” sort of thing, because in many ways we have no idea what we’re doing!  This is definitely more of a “Hey, look!  You’re not alone!” sort of thing.

Sound good?  Sound good.

New menu option

This documentation will be separate from the weekly “Domestic Ninja” blog, so to get to it, you’ll go to “Articles” and select “The House” from the new drop-down menu.

So, hopefully I’ll have the first post up by this weekend!  Is anyone else excited about this?  I sure am.  It’s going to be raw and real and probably quite messy.  It will be a lot of fun to open things up like this!  I hope you enjoy this peek into my life!

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