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When I Say “Domestic Ninja,” I Mean It

Do you know?

Have you ever wondered?

I mean, why did I call this place Domestic Ninja?

Well, I’ll tell you. It didn’t come automatically.  It did take time.

It took me a bit of thinking for me to realize that I was going to go far beyond just home organizing when I was putting this business together.  I was talking about home management.  And not only that, but I was going to focus on the individuality of women and families.  There is no one-size fits all, but there are sure a lot of methods out there who act like there is!

Be Whatever Kind of Home Manager You Want

So, once I knew what I was teaching and how I was teaching it, it was time to come up with a name.  I knew right away that I did not want something that makes people think of frilly aprons, pearls, perfect hair and make-up, and high heels.  That is the stereotypical housewife, and very few of us are actually like that.

I settled on Domestic Ninja, because it emphasizes that you can be whatever kind of home manager that works for you and your awesome, unique, individual personality!

Live Your Passions

A lot of women come to me thinking they just need a good system to keep their house clean.  They’re looking for that one-size-fits-all option.  They want me to say, “Clean your bathrooms here, do your vacuuming there, and viola!  You have a clean house every day!”  But they don’t know what I know: that they could do that, but it wouldn’t make them happy.  And if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.  I’m not here to make grumpy moms with clean homes.

So instead, I talk to these women about what makes them happy.  And, do you now, a lot of them have no idea what would make them happy?

I know I couldn’t when I started this journey.  I couldn’t even remember what my favorite color was.  I mean, I knew what it was, because I always said it was my favorite when people asked, but I didn’t feel it anymore.

So, I help them remember those little things that make their heart a bit lighter.  Then I help them remember their passions.  Because if you can remember your passions, and you incorporate them into your home management system, you can keep your house clean and be happy!  But if you don’t remember your passions, you can have a clean house, but you’ll still feel overwhelmed and grumpy.

Do you see where I’m coming from?

So get out there and rediscover what makes you happy!  Learn something, do something, explore something, create something.

Keep the Family Close

Now, here’s where the fun really begins.  The thing is, when you know what makes you happy or excited, it’s likely that your kids or spouse will like it, too!  I mean, sometimes they don’t, and you get to be geeky about it on your own, but sometimes – sometimes – they do.  And when that happens, things get awesome.

I accidentally stumbled upon our family passion.  I really didn’t mean to.  It all happened because my 6yo has ADHD and I was looking for natural treatment options.  After a lot of research, I had decided to enroll him in Tae Kwon Do.  Because we homeschool, we would all have to go and watch him do his class (I had to be on-hand in case he had to leave class early for poor behavior).

After a few classes, I started seeing how amazing the Master Instructor was with kids, and how many life skills my son was learning.  I wanted that for my other kids!  So I enrolled my older two in classes as well.

But I couldn’t get rid of the itch.  I resisted as long as I could.  But…last summer, I suited up and got in as well.

Then, finally, my youngest had a birthday and he was old enough for classes.  He had been counting down the days, and he was so proud when he could get on the mats with the rest of us.

Find Goals to Work on Together

The fun thing with having a common passion, is that you can set big goals together and encourage each other to stretch and grow and reach them!

With us, it’s all about the next belt test.  We work together for months on all of the different things we need to learn and the strength we need to gain so we can earn our next belt.

My oldest needed this support the most.  Because of his high-functioning autism, he can get very anxious.  He is also sensory avoident, and the thought of breaking a board scared him badly.  He gave up altogether during the summer, but eventually felt the pull and came back.  He started this journey in the summer, but it was only last week when he was finally ready.

We stood in line at the beginning of class, and he leaned over to me and told me, “I quit.  I’m going to walk out right now.”

But he didn’t walk out.  He kept going.  He tested for endurance, technique, weapons, everything…and then…

I am so proud.  We all worked together, and he did something that was so far out of his comfort zone.

Having a family goal and a family passion is absolutely incredible.  Don’t force it, but do watch for it.  Let it ebb and flow (like I said, at one point he quit and didn’t come to class for a couple months!), and don’t force anyone.  But the more you know your passions, the more your open to others, and the more likely your kids will be open as well.

Sure, my husband isn’t in it, and probably won’t ever be, and we’re fine with that!  He’s very supportive, though, and that is all he needs to do.

So when I say, Domestic Ninja, it means a bit more to me now.  I didn’t intend to start training to be an actual ninja, but that works!

What sort of other Ninja do you want to become?

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